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Three Ships Stuck in Arctic Ice: Author Reveals Participation in a Historic Voyage in a New Autobiography

NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 23, 2007 -- On September 6th fifty years ago there was a historic voyage readers will learn about in a new autobiography, "The Historic Northwest Passage and the CGC STORIS: The story of a young man growing up in the Coast Guard in the 1950s" (published by AuthorHouse - Dick Juge recounts his time aboard the first U.S. ship to circumnavigate the North American continent and discover a deep water route through the Northwest Passage. Please visit for more information.

In 1955, Juge dropped out of his senior semester of high school and joined the U.S Coast Guard just in time to qualify for the Korean Conflict GI Bill. Little did he know that his enlistment would lead to the adventures that sculpted his life, much like the way an icebreaker carves its way through the frozen sea.

His book takes readers on a journey through his enlistment, his rigorous training process and then on his voyages aboard three different Coast Guard Cutters: SEBAGO out of Alabama, STORIS in Alaska and DUANE from Massachusetts.

One book reviewer says: "If you served in the military, you will love this book as you recall your own youth."

Another wrote at "After finishing this book, I felt like I was parting with a former shipmate and close friend. It will be nice to take it from my bookshelf and revisit these remote places and personal trials of a boy becoming a man while serving his country in the U.S. Coast Guard."

During his service, many thrilling and humorous incidents occurred, including boot camp mishaps, formidable icebergs, special swimming escapades and liberty adventures in many exotic ports. Sea-legged shenanigans are not all that happened though. Finding a deep-water route across the Arctic was the goal as they were beset in the ice for three days.

As suspenseful as it is heartwarming, "The Historic Northwest Passage and the CGC STORIS" is not only a journey over the temperamental seas and oceans of the world, but also a search for the inner strength and courage that ushers the young into manhood.

Dick Juge served the Coast Guard from 1955 to 1959. After his tour of duty, he studied at Louisiana State University and later the University of New Orleans. He retired in 1999 after 40 years in insurance. Juge also helped establish a community country club as membership chair and president during its formative years. He has served with the Kiwanis Club of Algiers and many other civic and business organizations. He also has served as chairman of the Bering Sea Patrol - Alaska Veterans Association. He and his wife, Nancy, have been married since 1960; and they have two children, a daughter Jenny and a son Richard, plus four grandchildren.

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